Carrefour Armenia 3rd Anniversary

16 April 2018

Carrefour Armenia 3rd Anniversary

Every year we have an opportunity to celebrate anniversary of Carrefour Armenia on the begining of March.

Recently we celebrate the 3rd anniversary. For 7 days we had different activities (entertainment, promotions, prizes) for customers and staff.

Nitrogen show: Customers enjoyed an interesting scientific show, during which the
entertainers were making non-alcoholic cocktails and also other entertainments.


Birthday cakes for those customers who’s birthday was on March 16.


Mignon’s show for kids: Carrefour
Armenia did not forget its’ little customers either. The scientific show for our little mignons was very  interesting. And of course we had the special guest  Mr. Gru who played, danced and entertained children.


Longest lavash roll + stilt: Our  customers could see and taste the longest lavash roll ever made in Armenia. The length was 7 meters 57 centimeters. The longest guy “Lolik” helped us to distribute the sandwich.



Mirror photo booth: Customers
had the chance to have their free funny photos  with magic mirror, which was giving printed photos to the customers on the spot.



“Win your trolley” when by spinning the “fortune wheel” a random customer near the cash counter was winning a voucher equal to the shopping he has done.