Customers Round Table Landmark: April 2016 - Carrefour Landmark

04 Ապրիլ 2016

Customers Round Table Landmark: April 2016 - Carrefour Landmark

For our improvement process, we elaborated a survey and realized a round table with the customers of Carrefour Hypermarket in Landmark to collect the comments and suggestions.

Some important points has been indicated by customers:

Good points:

The overall cash line service is good.

Store opening and closing hours are convenient for the customers.

The store is conveniently located.

The customers are satisfied with HHH, LHH, Grocery Department.

Staff service has been evaluated positively in general.

Remarks :

Butchery: very good meat quality.

Fishery: the salmon is very nice.

Bakery / pastry: appreciated a lot the baguette + traditional bread + croissants.

Roastery / cheese: the roastery is full of Asian food.

Dry food: poor import range.


Much Carrefour brands products without English specs.

Suggestion box for items out of stock items in each department.

More modern design in textile home linen.

Tasting and cooking station for butchery.

The fishmongers need to explain the way to cook the varieties of fish.